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Founded as an event specialized company with years of experiences in wedding planning and organizing, WedinStyle always aim to offer clients the smartest and most efficient wedding services, enabling the bride and groom to be well prepared for their special day. Beside wedding specialty, WedinStyle, with the same core values – delivering the best services to the clients, has gradually become an expert in other type of special events such as birthday parties, anniversaries, opening ceremonies, etc.

Marry in Style

Marry in Style is a package for the venue, which includes basic and must have categories for a wedding. It is what it’s called, with each and individual couple, we want to offer them a customized style and ideas so that each wedding can not only has its vibe but also be memorable for the bride and groom as well as the invited guests.


Other than “Marry in Style”, we also provide customized packages with smaller or wider range in terms of categories for couples who have special requests for us. So please don’t be hesitate to share with us your ideas or story or anything you want to incorporate in your special day.
Besides, WedinStyle can also take care of the traditional ceremonies with basic yet essential categories to decorate your homes for these special moments. The package is applied for each event in one day and customized to different houses