Once upon a time, when “wedding planner” was still an unfamiliar concept to Vietnamese Bride and Groom, the girls from Boston and NewYork had founded the first Wedding Planner Company in Vietnam. Now, we are proud to be one of the top companies in the field of Weddings. We have earned the CWS:

“Certified Wedding Specialist by Weddings Beautiful Worldwide”




          Krish&Claire: “WedinStyle organized a fantastic wedding for us. Their professionalism and ability to source all thay we required to make our day special, was second to none. Although on the lead up to the wedding their service was highly professional, on the day of the wedding they managed to exceed all our expectations. We were completely blown away! The whole day went off without a hitch-it was PERFECT! This is one company we can not recommend enough! If you need any more proof just look at the video on Youtube entitled Krish&Claire Wedding. It sums it up perfectly! Thanks again for making our day perfect, we could not have dreamed for anything better!

Carla – Toni: “So wonderful! I had a great time with my guests and was happy with the decoration of my wedding. Thank you for your team’s hard work in making it a special day.”

WedinStyle - The Stylish Wedding Planner of Vietnam | Wedding decor | wedding design | outdoor wedding | beach wedding


Melanie – Mathew:Thank you to the WedinStyle team, and to you both for staging a beautiful day that is captured in these images.  All of our guests enjoyed the day – one guest in specific is trying to talk her niece from the US to wed in Saigon, just so she can have a wedding just like ours.  I think such compliments should be credited to you both, and to the team for a job well-done.”

Vietnam destination wedding WedinStyle Melanie Mathew (6)

Melissa – Ouwen: “Thank you so much, WedinStyle ! You did a great job: our wedding was just as we had hoped it to be – very elegant, the colors and decor elements were beautiful! Everything turned out to be graceful and non-tacky. Thanks so much for your hard work and meticulous preparations!”

WedinStyle - The Stylish Wedding Planner of Vietnam | Wedding decor | wedding design | outdoor wedding | beach wedding | wedding on cruise | ceremony

Ha – Frank: “What an incredible wedding we had! Looking at the pictures now it feels like we were still dreaming. You were so meticulous and dedicated, we could see your passion in all the details. Everyone was tireless, creative, and so thoughtful. Not to mention that payment was convenient for us with the option to make transactions in the U.S. We thank you so much, WedinStyle!”

Vietnam Wedding Planner WedinStyle Destination Wedding Ha Frank (20)

Stephanie – Liam: “We were very happy with our wedding and all of the work you did for us. As you could probably tell, I am not good at planning things and making decisions about details, so I was very happy that you worked out so many of the details without too much effort from me, and both Liam and I, and our guests all thought all of the decorations were just beautiful!
Liam and I could not have been happier with our destination wedding in Vietnam organised by WedinStyle. The thought of planning a big wedding had always seemed daunting to me, which is why Liam and I decided to elope to Vietnam. Amazingly, all through emails back and forth from Australia to Vietnam, Wedinstyle helped us plan a beautiful, intimate wedding aboard a private charter in Vietnam’s famous Halong Bay. The team at WedinStyle were meticulous with every detail of the wedding and the whole experience far exceeded our, and our guest’s expectations. The decorations were stunning, the setting was amazing, and the team coordinated everyone involved so the day went just perfectly! If you are looking for a personal, special and stress free wedding experience, we would highly recommend WedinStyle, they really made our day unforgettable!
Thanks again for all of your hard work.”

WedinStyle - The Stylish Wedding Planner of Vietnam | Wedding decor | wedding design | outdoor wedding | beach wedding | wedding on cruise | kiss

Edwin – Gayle:Thank you for everything! It was a truly magical afternoon and night. We really appreciated the hard work and dedication that went into the wedding. 

Your reception table had many many admirers, all of them were asking me where you got the props from! And the gold butterflies were so so beautiful. The reception table was truly amazing – I wished that I could have brought it home with me!!!

I cannot wait to see the pictures and I will be sharing with you of course!!! Feel free to use them :)
My photographer has a few iphone pictures up already – you can view on her facebook Ilssadorent they are absolutely stunning.

Let me know if there is anything I can do for you with regards to recommendations or maybe contacts in Singapore!”

Thuy Linh – Koichi: Thank you, WedinStyle, so very much, for helping us to plan such intimate and memorable two wedding days. With a different style for each day, both events received such compliments from family and friends about the decor and programming.
For the January 8th ceremony and reception, our Japanese guests were impressed with the simple, yet elegant and romantic decor at Metropole Hotel. Everyone also commended on the emotional and intimate ceremony that you helped us plan. For the January 9th reception, our guests were most impressed with the video clip that you guys put together. After the party, some friends even sent us text messages saying that they were very touched watching it. The games were also lots of fun and brought everyone excitement and laughters. I believe these things really made our wedding different from others.
Indeed, we cannot find other words other than “thanks” to WedinStyle. Please send our thanks also to all those who worked hard behind the scene to pull together such a successful event. We will always remember what you have done for us. And we can only put all into three words “far beyond expectations”.
We are willing to share our pictures with you should you find them useful. Beautiful images are meant to be shared, not just to be kept for ourselves, right?
Keep in touch, will you? We wish WedinStyle more and more success, and that you guys continue bringing joy to all brides and grooms you meet.”

Vietnam Wedding Planner WedinStyle Destination Wedding Linh Koichi (2)

Nina – Mathew: “Thanks so much, Mai and WedinStyle team, for coordinating our wedding. We are very happy with what you did for us. Thank you for your gift, too. We hope to work with you again when we hold more parties and events!”

WedinStyle - The Stylish Wedding Planner of Vietnam | Wedding decor | wedding design | outdoor wedding | temple wedding